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Business Leaders: Are You Really Celebrating Your Wins?

We've just wrapped up the first quarter of 2024! As an Association Management Company, we don't just mark our own milestones; we revel in the victories of the associations we serve. From our quarterly Town Hall meetings to our daily interactions, celebrating wins is a vital part of our culture.


Pause and Appreciate

In the fast-paced rhythm of our daily routines, it's all too easy to overlook the significant strides we've collectively made and the impact we've had. However, taking a moment to pause and acknowledge the accomplishments of your team isn't just about patting them on the back—it's about recognizing the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity that went into achieving those goals. Before dismissing our achievements as routine, let's step back and give our team the credit they deserve.


Some may argue that the ultimate success of a business lies in its continuous growth and profitability. While these are undoubtedly important metrics, we must ask: Is success merely measured by surpassing previous benchmarks? Does relentless pursuit of higher numbers and productivity lead to fulfillment? If our targets are constantly shifting, do we ever truly reach our destination, or are we endlessly chasing an elusive finish line?


Let's reflect on the meaningful work of our team and the collaborative spirit that leads to our company's successes. In this blog, I'll share some best practices—inspired by our experiences—to help monitor accomplishments and celebrate wins together.


Weekly wins, large or small!


Our Monday Morning Huddle sets the tone for the week ahead. Before sharing what’s on our plate for this week, each team member recounts their win from the previous week, whether it's conquering a daunting task or reaching a major milestone. It's not just about celebrating the big victories; it's about acknowledging the small wins that keep us motivated and moving forward. Starting the week on this positive note is a great cure for the Monday blues and builds a bond with the team. It’s also a great way for our leadership team to learn about all the great stuff everyone is doing. (and once you factor in vacation weeks that’s around 48 wins per year, per employee – how’s that for data!)


Setting Goals for all to see!


During our Thursday huddles, a designated team member shares an update on their goals for the quarter. This practice fosters vulnerability, transparency, and accountability within our team. They walk us through their quarterly goals, detailing what tasks are in progress, what is yet to be started, and what has been accomplished. Importantly, completed goals are not simply deleted but moved to the 'done' section, allowing us to track our achievements over time.


Throughout the year, these updates compile into an impressive list of accomplishments, ranging from personal and company goals to client-centric objectives. From implementing a new process for a client to completing a personal project like planting a garden, each achievement contributes to our collective success.


Thursdays are full of inspiration, great ideas, wow moments, and both challenge and encouragement from the team to either toughen up a goal or to add KPIs to make it more measurable. As an employer, I beam with pride every Thursday, in awe of the impactful goals everyone sets for themselves and the strong support the team offers them.


Meaningful resources and wellness huddles!


We have a team deeply committed to fostering both personal and professional growth. This positive attitude towards growth is not just encouraged—it's contagious. To support this, we've established a simple resource file where colleagues can share interesting reads, wellness resources, podcasts, or anything else that might benefit their peers. This resource repository serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and learning opportunities.


These conversations often evolve into what we fondly refer to as Wellness Huddles, where team members present on topics they've learned about and believe could be beneficial to others. These sessions not only enrich our collective knowledge but it’s always my hope that it’s a source of strength for someone on our team who may need it, in that moment.


If I can look back at the year to see we’ve hosted consistent Wellness Huddles, that’s a win for my team!


Personal Development adds up!


Many teams likely dedicate more time to personal development than they may realize. Whether it be webinars, online learning, or in-person training, if you monitor the time each team member spends on learning and skill enhancement throughout the year, it should be recognized as a significant achievement.


Are your employees encouraged to pursue additional training and explore new learning opportunities? Regardless of the scale of the learning tool, each endeavor contributes to personal career growth and elevates the excellence of our company. By prioritizing personal development, we not only enhance our professional capabilities but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. Tallying the number of hours dedicated to betterment serves as a tangible representation of our collective commitment to growth and excellence—a win worth celebrating.


Don’t underestimate the value of recognition!


As our team expanded, I realized the challenge of personally recognizing every outstanding contribution became increasingly daunting. In our collaborative environment, it's common for colleagues to witness commendable actions or achievements that might escape my notice as the employer. To address this, we implemented a rewards and recognition program. Through this program, team members can easily acknowledge and applaud each other for going above and beyond, whether it's solving a challenging problem or providing invaluable support. This not only empowers every individual to celebrate their colleagues but also strengthens our ability to express genuine gratitude and appreciation for one another.


The impact of this program extends beyond mere acknowledgment; it fosters a culture where every team member feels valued and appreciated for their contributions. It also provides a wealth of content for our celebration of wins!


As an employer, reading through these posts and seeing genuine recognition and appreciation exchanged among team members is immensely gratifying.


Share the love!


A simple thank you can go a long way, especially from a client. It’s our belief that nothing we accomplish or achieve can be done without the incredible support of each other. This means that one person’s win or shoutout, is meant or everyone. We've dedicated a section of our recognition platform, aptly named 'Shoutouts from Clients,' to showcase the kind words and expressions of gratitude we receive from our clients. Taking a few moments to read through these comments when any of us need a little bit of a pick-me-up does a world of good!


Live up to your values!


At HOST Management, we don't just pay lip service to our values; we infuse them into every aspect of our operations. Whether it's recognizing a peer or setting quarterly goals, we ensure that our core values serve as the guiding principles behind every activity.


Celebrating our wins is ingrained in our company culture and linking our values to our wins validates the commitment to the process. By integrating our wins with our values, we ensure they remain a constant part of our dialogue, cultivating a positive and driven work environment.


Pick the right people!


Ensuring that everyone on our team shares our values and embraces our company culture is paramount to our success. When recruiting new hires, I make it a point to emphasize our dedication to our values, culture, and goals. I explain that while the work we do may be challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding.


By clearly outlining our expectations, we filter out those who may not align with our culture and values, allowing us to attract team players who are fully engaged and who will thrive in our work environment, ensuring we build a stronger and more cohesive team.


Tally your wins!


So, how do we quantify our wins? Imagine looking back on a quarter or on the full year and realizing that every member of the team had a weekly victory to celebrate. Picture each person boasting a long list of accomplished goals, with numerous others in progress. Think of the shared learning experiences, personal development, and wellness huddles.


Consider the many uplifting comments, each highlighting a colleague's achievement, and the heartfelt expressions of gratitude from satisfied clients. Reflect on the countless hours invested by each team member to sharpen their skills and contribute to our company's expertise. And perhaps most importantly, envision the growth of your team, both through personal development of existing employees and the addition of new members, all aligned with your company culture and values.


Are these not wins worth celebrating? This workplace culture isn't just about tallying up accomplishments; it's about fostering a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie that transcends mere metrics.


So, I urge you to intentionally celebrate your wins. While you may need to put tools in place to capture them throughout the year, the results are well worth it. Celebrating wins is recognizing that it's not just about the destination, but also the journey and the collective triumphs we experience along the way.


So, here's to your WINS! May they be abundant! Cheers!


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